Leaving in the middle of a fight

Yesterday I did something I thoroughly condemn.

I left a party in the middle of a fight.

We went to do the daily random HC together with a guildmate, a good solid hunter. I’ll que us up, instant group as I am a tank – and into the Blackrock Caverns we go. Not my favourite Cataclysm instance – yet another lava-filled dark cavern, as if we haven’t had enough of those. Is it a lack of imagination? Blizzard designers can do absolutely anything for an instance – but they will half of the time end up with a dark dungeon…

In any case, looks like a good party. Paladin healer, warrior and mage – I greet them with a “good evening”… and silence. Not a good sign, decent players usually greet. But not a biggie. I buff up, everybody looks to be ready, I mark the first pair and charge. Skull goes down quickly enough, the other is grabbed from me by the warrior, who does awesome DPS, 15k or so. Taunt and all goes well, into the cavern we go.

I mark the first group – moon, square – and start to tell group to sheep moon, trap square – but while I am typing, mage sheeps moon (at least he got the target right).

As you know, trap is always the first “aggro” cc, i.e. rogue goes first with Sap, then hunter and then everybody else. Skull isn’t marked, I am not ready, but both me and healer got a decent gear, we’ll kill the group.

And mage pulls the next group immediately after the last mob is down. No CC, two out of four trash are casters and don’t come close… hell to tank and hell to heal. We’ll get those down, too.

Rom’ogg is fairly near, but so are the other groups and patrols. And the mage goes “pull boss” (first thing he says) and… just pulls Rom’ogg. Healer is at half mana, two of my cooldowns are blown to deal with his previous pull, no one is ready… and he just pulls the boss.

I am doing the best I can, trying to get Rom’ogg into a decent position, picking up the adds, all the while both warrior and mage are AoE’ing their hearts out (and in case of warrior, that means 18k dps). No wonder I lose one of the adds, considering the state of bear AoE tanking.. and I get “idiot tank” from the mage.

It went red in front of my eyes. Screw this. Right-click on my portrait, Leave party. Ragequit for the first time ever.

My guildmate didn’t leave fast enough and got wiped together with the rest of the group. I am sorry that he had to pay the repair bill (I apologized to him in a few seconds and explained my actions – he agreed), same for paladin and warrior. You all didn’t deserve this, you were good solid players. But the mage… please leave World of Warcraft and don’t come back. You are quite possibly the worst player I’ve seen – not because of your skills, you did a decent DPS. But because of your attitude and behaviour. Just go away.


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