Using combo points of a dead enemy


Couple of days ago I discovered something new for me – you can use combo points of a dead enemy. You all kitties know how this happens – in an instance, you are happily DPSing away on a trash, preparing to end the  fight with an impressive Ferocious Bite, you get your combo points to five, just a second to get enough energy… and then an arcane mage unleases Arcane Blast, mob drops dead, with all your lovely combo points on it. All wasted!

But an idea came to me when that happened in the heroic the other day. The combo points are still showing on the dead mob… I wonder if they are usable?

Obviously, you cannot do any damage to the dead mob, so Ferocious Bite, Rip and Maim are out of the question. But we do have an ability that affects us, not the enemy. Savage Roar.

That is right. Savage Roar can be started from the combo points of a dead mob if the mob is within 100 yards. This is actually something that might be useful at the start of a boss fight, if the boss is near enough to the trash (Baradin Hold, for example). Leave five combo points on the trash. Start boss with Savage Roar on and at the maximum duration (34 sec)… an impressive boost to our DPS.

Of course, if you use it at the boss fight and blow berserk at the same time, chances are the tank will not be overly happy with you – so keep your eye on aggro!


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