Even guild runs can be bad…


Yesterday, I had the longest Cataclysm instance run I’ve ever had.

And it was a guild run.

It started out innocently enough. It was a first HC for a healer, but he had a good gear, far above what healers had when we first started to run Cata heroics. So I choose a random HC, instead of going to Lost City or Vortex Pinnacle, easiest Cata heroics.

We got the Stonecore. Some people think it is one of the hardest heroics – even WoW Insider claimed it is the hardest heroic. I’ve always liked Stonecore, though – or I should say, I don’t like the trash there, but I like the bosses, except the last one.

Our party was two druids (me and healer), two warlocks and a mage. So we had plenty of CC and went through the trash quickly and mostly smoothly. Both locks were good, but mage didn’t re-sheep his target – and as our DPS was fairly low, sheeping tended to end too soon otherwise. No biggie, though, I peeled the add off without problems.

We got to Corborus. Strict, but easy boss. I explained the tactics briefly, asked mage to take care of the crystals and into the battle we went. Burrow phase, healer didn’t move out of the crumbling dirt, same as mage. Wipe.

As it now came out, both mage and one of the locks had not been in Stonecore on HC difficulty.

Second attempt. Mage gets one-shot in the burrow phase, healer stands in crystals and dies. As it came out, he is colorblind and doesn’t see the crystals very well. Wipe.

Repeat a couple more times. Mage doesn’t kill the adds, healer dies of adds, some get one-shot. Finally we gave up and skipped Corborus – if you hug the wall on the left, you can pass without entering his aggro range.

Crystalspawn Giant, you have to jump at the end of the Quake and the fight is a piece of cake. I explained that, mage doesn’t jump every time, healer jumps too late. Healer dies, we survive thanks to my cooldowns. As it came out now, healer is about 2 seconds lagged – which explains why he didn’t get out of Corborus’ smoke clouds in time.

No wipes until Slabhide, who in my opinion is the hardest boss in the instance. Shockingly, we one-shot him, even though I die at the last moment – healer lost LoS.

More trash, carefully and with Banish. No wipes until a lock pet pulls a second party. Oh well, that happens.

Ozruk, actually my favourite Cata HC boss to tank. First attempt, we wipe almost immediately because I am by now (~2h) so tired that I mix up Shatter and Ground Slam. Next attempt, healer doesn’t move closer to me, I get out of range and die. Third attempt, range and healer get full impact of the Paralyze (50k). Fourth attempt, I get stuck during running from Shatter and don’t have time to blow my cooldowns (if you blow two out of three, you can eat Shatter as a tank). Couple of more attempts where DPS or healer dies.

Finally, everything goes well (except mage dies) and we can continue.

HighPriestessAzilHigh Priestess Azil. I explain the fight and we die quickly, as no one but me interrupts her Force Grip. Next attempt. Healer gets hit by a rock. Next attempt. The same. Next attempt. Healer doesn’t stand behind gravity well, gets swamped by adds, I rush to save him, get hit by a stone. Next attempt. Two DPS killed by a stone, no one interrupts Force Grip, wipe. Repeat again a  few more times.

I am ready to quit, but decide to do it once more. And then suddenly everything clicks into the place and we kill her in record time.

Overall, three hours for Stonecore, 20+ wipes and far more deaths, as we had two people soulstoned. I am more tired than I usually am after tanking a raid.

But, everybody need to learn. And with your guildmates, you don’t give up, you keep on pushing.


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