Tanking Argaloth in the Baradin Hold

BaradinHoldLoadingStrangely, some people have come to this blog with searches related to tanking Argaloth in the Baradin Hold, even though I have never written anything on the topic. I’ll do a short post about it just so they would get what they are looking for.

Baradin Hold is a new raid instance in Cataclysm – same as VoA was in the Lich King, it is only available when your faction controls Tol Barad. Presumably, same as VoA, Baradin Hold will get an expansion with every major content patch – i.e. 4.1 will bring a new boss to this raid.

Tol Barad is largely a prison for especially dangerous criminals – and Baradin Hold houses the most dangerous ones in the area. Baradin Hold takes about 15 minutes to finish with a good group, including summoning and buff time.

You will need two tanks and two healers in 10-man mode – it may be possible in the future (when gear is much, much better) just one healer will be needed.

When you enter Baradin Hold, you have to deal with trash – Demon Containment Units,  or presumably the prisonguards. They are an easy mobs, just have all of your group stack on tank, as their Demon Repellent Ray ability damage is shared between all the targets.

Currently the only boss in the raid is Argaloth, a pit lord demon. He is a simple and straightforward fight, one that mostly stresses your healers. Your DPS should put out at least 10k DPS each, or Argaloth will berserk in five minutes.

Split your raid into two groups, with one tank and one healer in each group. Use raid markers to mark out both tanks and positions for them – position tanks/groups on either side of the boss. Have each group stack on tank.

ArgalothArgaloth casts Meteor Slash in a cone in front of him to the tank, which does about 200 000 Arcane damage – however, it is shared by all other targets, so in 10-man mode 200 000 / 5 = 40k on every player in one group. This also applies fire damage taken increase 100% debuff (which stacks) – so the other tank needs to taunt now. It helps healer quite a bit if you use your tank cooldown just before the Meteor Slash.

With a good gear and healer, it is possible for a tank to eat two or three of those in a row – it has happened to me when the other tank disconnected and didn’t taunt. I blew my cooldowns and survived until the other tank returned – however, the healer was out of mana by then and we wiped anyway.

Every 45 seconds Argaloth casts Consuming Darkness on three random groupmembers – a magic type 15-sec DoT, which all healers can dispel (and must do so as quickly as possible). Priest’s Mass Dispel really shines here, but other healers should not have too much issues.

At 66% and 33%, Argaloth casts 15 seconds of Fel Firestorm. This is an easily avoidable moving ground fire – just move out of the fire and be ready to taunt once the fire phase ends. Some of the fires may remain burning after the Fel Firestorm ends, this is probably a bug. Again, Fel Firestorm stresses mostly healers, so make sure that everybody avoid the fires and use damage-reducing abilities.

Blow Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp/etc either at start or after the second Fel Firestorm.

Overall, Argaloth is the easiest raid boss fight in the Cataclysm – largely a gear check for DPS and healers. He drops epic PvP gear (lvl 365), which is better than blue PvE gear in PvE. All his drops can be disenchanted (skill 475), so be sure to have an enchanter along.

Below is TankSpot’s video guide to Argaloth.


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