Levelling a warrior

Recent lack of druid-related (or any) posts in this blog is largely because I’ve been levelling a warrior.

As I have said before, I have very little experience with two classes – warrior and hunter. All other classes I have either at 80/85 or mid-fifties in case of the shaman. But I had very little understanding of warrior mechanics and abilities – so I decided to give warrior a chance.

My previous attempt with a warrior was actually my very first character in WoW. A human warrior on a trial account… and I freaking hated it. Didn’t like neither the class or the whole game – and that would have been the end of World of Warcraft for me, if not a certain female friend, who urged me to try it together with her. So I started a Night Elf rogue – and have never looked back at the warrior. Until now, that is.

I created an orc warrior – and levelled it as prot until level 50, arms after that – he is 67 right now, probably will be mid-seventies by the end of the week.

Most of my levelling so far was done on battlegrounds – I must say I loved prot warrior in PvP. Good damage, great survivability – casters were a bit of a problem, though. Loved the fact that rogues might as well run head-on against the wall instead of attempting to solo me.

In the late 40s I started to notice that my damage was getting a bit low compared to the other warriors – and so I dual specced into Arms. Fellow plate-wearers – DK’s, paladins and warriors – became a whole lot easier to counter. Rogues were a bit more of a problem, hunters and frost mages a whole lot of a problem.

But then again, frost mage and a warrior… if you don’t manage to kill a warrior as a frost mage, then you might as well go play some other class. I loved warriors when I played my own frost mage – free honor, even if they were a lot of levels above me.

We’ll see how casters will go down now when I finally got the spell reflect ability.

I didn’t go to instances until Outland – Ramparts was my first instance. I went as DPS – I don’t like most of Outland instances, especially as a tank. I will probably start tanking in Northrend, though.

So far I’ve liked warrior a lot. It won’t become my new main – no, that spot is reserved for a druid – but due to the recent uber-nerfs to the feral PvP, I may leave my warrior for PvP – perhaps trying prot PvP again on 85.


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