Ganking, corpse camping and world PvP – is there a solution?

PvPLast week, the Big Bear Butt wrote about his experience with a corpse camping asshat, probably the lowest tier of behavior in WoW, even worse than killing quest-givers, auctioneers and traders of the opposite faction.

Thankfully, I have no personal familiarity with the corpse camping, in either way. I never attack players so much lower than my character, that they are gray or green. What’s the point? What do I get if I one-shot someone? I won’t get any honor. I don’t get satisfaction from my superior skills. So why should I grief another player? We are all humans behind the controls, despite being in Horde or Alliance.

I love battlegrounds, but I don’t care much for world PvP. It tends to be too uneven and random for me.

I’ve levelled my warrior mostly doing PvP battlegrounds – and while waiting in the battlegrounds que, I’ve been either questing or mining metals for blacksmithing. Surprisingly, on my medium-level population server, I’ve been killled only twice by higher-level players, both of them rogues. One of them might have been an accident, I was in the middle of group of mobs in Archaeology dig site when the rogue cleared the spot with Flurry.

The other… I was doing Thunderdome quests in Gadzetzan,  a very easy questline to solo if you have heirlooms or otherwise good gear. Between two quests, battleground came up, another WSG, we won. I got back, flagged for five minutes. Heard someone stealthing, but didn’t think of it much, just continued with the arena quests. Picked up the next, went in and started to fight… when a lvl 85 rogue one-shotted me from the stealth. Not a hard thing to do, as I had something like 3k life at the time.

But what the asshat rogue didn’t count on was… we were at Gadzetzan. The moment he ganked me, several level 85 Gadzetzan Bruisers descended on him – and the rogue died about five seconds after me. And unlike my PvP death, he had to pay for full repairs.

I think I am going to take my mid-fourties kitty and sit in Gadzetzan, flagged. Just to teach morons a lesson.

“Guardian angels from heaven” might be a good solution for PvP ganking. If you attack a lower-level character, suddenly you have to deal with three mobs who hit for 100k each. And your death would be a PvE death, with a nice fat repair bill. So go ahead, kill that level 12 player and feel like a Big Man, as long as you are willing to do a corpserun and pay 20G for repairs.

However, even more elegant solution would be a relative health and damage. I.e. if you attack player more than a couple of levels below you, your health, mitigation, skills and damage will be what your class and spec would have at his level. That would apply only to the lower-level player – if he has a level 85 player with him, then the max-level char would see your normal health and feel your normal damage.

This would mean that all world PvP would come down to skill (if you ignore class/spec differences). You cannot feel you are a PvP god by griefing low-level characers… you would have to actually be good at PvP to kill them.

Would Blizzard implement this? Unfortunately, probably never. Technically it would be a breeze. But I doubt that Blizzard cares about griefing low-lives, as long as Blizzard gets their subscription money.


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