Look at the item before you click!

Grips of the Fallen Immortal

Grips of the Fallen Immortal

My warrior is finally at 85 – that took more than a month, thanks to all the battlegrounds! And as my first level 85 random (normal) dungeon, I happened to get Halls of Origination.

The group was pretty decent, good shammy healer and my tanking gear was actually enough to get into the heroics, average item-level-wise. So we went through the Temple Guardian Anhuur easily enough – and when we killed the next group…

Suddenly, an item dialog. PURPLE item dialog!!!

The very first Cataclysm world epic I have seen dropping.  Grips of the Failed Immortal, bind on equip – but not a single clothie in the party, so we all pressed Greed.

Except a hunter. Who pressed Disenchant. And won.

Yes. Instead of roughly 10 000..12 000 gold world epic, he got Maelstrom Crystal, which costs between 1000 and 2000G – and after 4.1, the price will drop to 200..300G range. We stand there, stupefied… and he says he didn’t look before pressing.

So next time, please, please – just look what you are getting before clicking the Disenchant button!

The same hunter managed to pull Earthrager Ptah with auto-shot. After we had killed the boss, he left. I am willing to bet he wasn’t overly proud of himself just then.

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